NeuNet conducts activities aimed at promoting reserach, development, dissemination, technology transfer, experimentation, and adoption of ainnovative solutions which can contribute to achieve a sustainable developmen of the information society.

NeuNet operates both autonomously and in collaboration with public and private subjects which share the same objectives. NeuNet adopts an open-source approach o conduct its own projects in order to foster collaboration, maximize re-use, and promote innovation. With the same intent NeuNet takes part in collaborative projects, within the limits possibly imposed by non-disclosure agreements.

NeuNet operates in four main areas:

  • Network models, with particular emphasis on net neutrality issues;
  • Internet TV, with particular emphasis on content delivery networks and usable mobile interfaces;
  • Internet economics, with particular emphasis on business models, regulatory aspects, digital divide, broadband penetration, and economic sustainability;
  • Wireless sensor networks, with particular emphasis on energy harvesting, low-power design, and energetic sustainability.

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