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Coding MOOC

MOOCA massive online open course provided by NeuNet and by the University of Urbino leads very young people to the development of real-world apps for their schools.

Please check the program of the MOOC on the official website.

Hour of Code: Italy right after California

HoCinItalyWith its 5,677 Hour of Code events, Italy takes the second place in the global scoreboard of the Hour of Code, right after California!

CodyRoby: coding unplugged


NeuNet and the University of Urbino have launched CodyRoby, the easiest way to develop computational thinking skills while playing challenging board games.

The DIY CodyRoby starter kit can be downloaded for free from the official web page.

The Italian Minister of Education invites Schools to take part in CodeWeekEU


The press release issued today by the Italian Minister of Education together with an official communication to Italian Schools starts by assessing the key importance of coding as a transversal field of study.

Taking advantage of the double meaning of the Italian verb “programmare” (to program), which means both “to plan” and “to code”, the Italian Government has announced an initiative called “Programma il futuro” (Plan/code your future) aimed at making available to Italian schools the methods and the teaching materials of

The initiative wil be launched during CodeWeekEU,  11-17 October, 2014.

Coding: the language of things

Coding is the language of the smart things around us. Watch this short video to understand why it’s time for you to learn the language of things!

NeuNet and UniUrb launch Code’s cool

NeuNet and the University of Urbino want to make every week a code week. That’s the main purpose of “Code’s Cool“, the free online learning community. Visit the page of Code’s Cool and choose your best way of joining the community!

Android Code Camp for Beginners


November 28: A free 1-day course to start developing in Android! Join us in Urbino or follow our sessions online in webcast live.



Europe CodeWeek 2013 – The language of things


NeuNet, together with the University of Urbino, invites you to take part in Europe Code Week, 25-30 November 2013! The events organized by NeuNet and UniUrb can be attended both at the presence and online. Schools are invited to organize interactive labs with a real time connection. We wait for at CodeWeek!

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