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Introducing openBOXware on Android


Published a NeuNet Technical Report presenting the key features and the user interface of openBOXware on Android.

OpenBOXware on Android exploits technological convergence to reduce device
confusion and increase Internet penetration. First, it makes it possible to use our
preferred Android device as a unique interface to any other connected device, including
television. Second, it provides a TV-like user experience which makes Internet contents
easily accessible as linear TV channels.

The technical report can be downloaded for free from NeuNet website.

The beta version of openBOXware is available on the Android market.

Illustration by Alessandra Tombesi

Free white paper: A Four-Lane Neutral Internet

4-lane model - illustrated by Alessandra Tombesi

NeuNet has just published a new white paper on Net Neutrality by Alessandro Bogliolo.

The white paper proposes a 4-lane model for the future of the Internet which reconciles net neutrality (which is recognized as a valuable means to defend fundamental rights, to foster innovation, and to protect consumers) with the many interests which are essential to support a sustainable development of the Internet and to enhance collective welfare (including network convergence, quality of service, resource optimization, return of investments, digital inclusion, differentiation, competition, security, and privacy).

The white paper can be downloaded for free from NeuNet website.

Illustration by Alessandra Tombesi

Tec. Rep. on Open-Hardware Wireless Sensor Nodes

Virtual Sense Alpha

NeuNet has just published a free Technical Report on the alpha version of VirtualSense, an open-hardware, open-source ultra-low-power wireless sensor node faturing a Java virtual machine.

The technical report can be downloaded for free, together with the PCB shcematics.

[Illustration by Alessandra Tombesi]

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