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The crowdsensing system to monitor the quality of read surface has been officially launched on February 21, on the occasion of open data day 2015. SmartRoadSense is the result of a research project conducted since 2012 by NeuNet with the University of Urbino. The City of Pesaro has accepted to play the role of beta-tester by using the application for more than one month to map more than 70% of its reads before officially adopting it on February 21.

Anybody can install and run the application to contribute to map the quality of the roads he/she travels by car. Data will become more and more accurate as the number of users increases. To date, SmartRoadSense has covered its first 1,500 km.

At the moment the application has been released only for Android and the system has been activated only in Italy, but the international cross-platform version is to be released in June.

Communication Issues in Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks

A research seminar given yesterday by Alessandro Bogliolo at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts of the University of Kent, UK.

Timeville 12-12-12: the first experiment

Timeville is a massively mutliplayer online social game conceived to perform large-scale economic experiments.

The game has been launched today at Noon involving 90 students in Applied Computer Science who will play the game for 1 month o win the rpices offered by NeuNet.


Dallo smart phone al televisore

NeuNet, in collaborazione con l’Università di Urbino, presenta oggi a NeutralAccess 2011 il proprio punto di vista sulla convergenza tra smart phone e televisore nell’era dei connected devices.

Nel corso della presentazione, esposta da Lorenz Klopfenstein, verrà presentata in anteprima l’interfaccia utente di openBOXware su piattaforma Android, che trasforma un tablet PC in un set top box.

Accordo quadro con l’Università di Urbino

NeuNet ha siglato un accordo quadro con il Dipartimento di Scienze di Base e Fondamenti dell’Università degli Studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo”, che prevede la partecipazione a progetti di ricerca e attività formative comuni.

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