A Four-Lane Model for a Sustainable Neutral Internet

How to cope with net neutrality, protect economic interests, and sustain the development of the Internet

Alessandro Bogliolo (DiSBeF University of Urbino and NeuNet)

NEUNET White Paper No. 12.003

4-lane model - illustrated by Alessandra TombesiAbstract – Net neutrality is being debated globally at this time, encompassing technical, economic, organizational, ethical, regulatory, and strategic aspects. Governments are looking at net neutrality seriously and public consultations were recently launched by international and national authorities in order to collect stakeholders’ opinions. The key issue is to reconcile net neutrality (which is recognized as a valuable means to defend fundamental rights, to foster innovation, and to protect consumers) with the many interests which are essential to support a sustainable development of the Internet and to enhance collective welfare (including network convergence, quality of service, resource optimization, return of investments, digital inclusion, differentiation, competition, security, and privacy). This white paper proposes a four-lane model for a sustainable neutral Internet. In the proposed model, any IP-based access infrastructure provides: 1) a best-effort lane granting unmanaged access to the public Internet, 2) an overlay support lane offering advanced content delivery services to over-the-top providers, 3) a managed service lane with guaranteed quality of service, and 4) a deregulated lane built on top of best-effort to implement targeted marketing strategies and support low-bandwidth vertical

Keywords: Net neutrality, Over the top service provider, Operator, Business model, Two-sided market, Internet economics, Policy making, Traffic management, Information society, Collective welfare


Full reference: A. Bogliolo, “A Four-Lane Model for a Sustainable Neutral Internet“, NeuNet White Paper No. 12.003, 2012. DOI:10.4459/12.003.WTP.EN

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[Illustration by Alessandra Tombesi]

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