OpenBOXware on Android

Overview and end-user introduction

Lorenz Klopfenstein, Saverio Delpriori, Gioele Luchetti, Andrea Seraghiti, Emanuele Lattanzi, Alessandro Bogliolo (DiSBeF University of Urbino and NeuNet)

NEUNET Technical Report No. 12.004


Abstract – Technological convergence has been widely exploited to make any kind of digital device (cellular phones, TV sets, set-top-boxes, …) smart enough to browse the Internet, playback multimedia contents, and behave like a PC. Nevertheless, smart phones are still our preferred personal devices and the smartness of all other devices we use everyday is mostly unexploited. Similarly, in spite of the diversity and diffusion of Internet-enabled devices, Internet penetration in developed countries is slightly higher than 50%, against a percentage of TV watchers which is well above 90%.
OpenBOXware takes a different perspective, exploiting convergence to reduce device confusion and increase Internet penetration. First, it makes it possible to use our preferred Android device as a unique interface to any other connected device, including television. Second, it provides a TV-like user experience which makes Internet contents easily accessible as linear TV channels.

Keywords: openBOXware, Internet TV, Android, Lean back, Lean forward, Usability, Convergence, Mobile applications, Set top box

DOI: 10.4459/12.004.TRP.EN

Full reference: L. Klopfenstein, S. Delpriori, G. Luchetti, A. Seraghiti, E. Lattanzi, and A. Bogliolo, “OpenBOXware on Android”, NEUNET Technical Report No. 12.004, 2012. DOI: 10.4459/12.004.TRP.EN

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