VirtualSense 1.1.0 Datasheet

Open-Source Open-Hardware Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Sensor Node

Emanuele Lattanzi (DiSBeF Universiy of Urbino and NeuNet), Matteo Dromedari (NeuNet), Andrea Seraghiti (DiSBeF University of Urbino)

NEUNET Datasheet No. 13.002

Keywords: Wireless sensor network (WSN), Sensor node, Ultra Low power, Open hardware, Open source, Mote, Datasheet, Virtualsense, Darjeeling, Contiki, CC2520, TI MSP430F54xx


DOI: 10.4459/13.002.DTS.EN

Full reference: E. Lattanzi, M. Dromedari, A. Seraghiti “VirtualSense 1.1.0 Datasheet”, NeuNet Datasheet No. 13.001, 2013. DOI:10.4459/13.001.DTS.EN

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