openBOXware update15-04-2012

The openBOXware launcher has been updated and is available on the Google Play marketplace and can be installed or updated through the standard updating channels of any Android device.

The update introduces several bug fixes, both for multimedia functionalities and text typos. Playback of multimedia resources should be more stable and reliable. Additionally, openBOXware is now also shown in the standard application grid and thus can be launched like any other application from another Android launcher (this allows the user to use a default launcher which does not interfere with the standard smartphone use scenario of her/his device).

Finally, a short introductory guide has been added to the launcher: this tutorial introduces the basic openBOXware concept and allows the user to discover its functionalities. The tutorial is launcher automatically when openBOXware is first opened and can also be started manually by tapping on the ‘?’ button.

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