openBOXware for Android has been developed on the Android platform and is compatible from version 2.2 (Froyo) to version 3.2.2 (Honeycomb).

The interface layer visible to the user is composed of a Launcher which acts likewise any other launcher application, that can be used in addition or replacing the one supplied by the device or installed by the user. This Launcher enables the user to access the multimedia features provided by the framework, in addition of allowing her/him to start any other Android application installed on the device. Applications developed for the openBOXware for Android framework are listed in a special area and can make use of the additional features exposed by the framework itself (launch modes, sidebar and status bar, for instance).

By using the common library on which openBOXware for Android is based (marked as “Multimedia service” in the picture above), developers can implement specific components for the system which make use of different features. Most importantly, Media Sources can be developed which expose multimedia resources to the rest of the system in a standardized way. Installed media sources will then be listed in the Media Library of the system, where they can be accessed by the user and used by the framework to access that particular content store in a transparent way.

All these openBOXware components rely on the base features of the Android operating system, thus essentially acting as a layer above the common base components like activities and services.

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