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Coding: the language of things

Coding is the language of the smart things around us. Watch this short video to understand why it’s time for you to learn the language of things!

NeuNet and UniUrb launch Code’s cool

NeuNet and the University of Urbino want to make every week a code week. That’s the main purpose of “Code’s Cool“, the free online learning community. Visit the page of Code’s Cool and choose your best way of joining the community!

Android Code Camp for Beginners


November 28: A free 1-day course to start developing in Android! Join us in Urbino or follow our sessions online in webcast live.



Europe CodeWeek 2013 – The language of things


NeuNet, together with the University of Urbino, invites you to take part in Europe Code Week, 25-30 November 2013! The events organized by NeuNet and UniUrb can be attended both at the presence and online. Schools are invited to organize interactive labs with a real time connection. We wait for at CodeWeek!

NeutralAccess13 – invitation



User Centricity in Future Mobile Networks
Collegio Raffaello – Piazza della Repubblica, 13 – 61029 Urbino (Italy)

Communication Issues in Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks

A research seminar given yesterday by Alessandro Bogliolo at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts of the University of Kent, UK.

The quality of Internet access in Italy

The quality of fixed Internet access
in Italy 

The results of the project
and the development of ultrabroadband

June 12, 2013, 9:30 – 17:30
Aula Convegni CNR – Rome

Google and the privacy in Italy and in Europe

An interdisciplinary seminar will be given by Gabriele Marra (Law School) and Alessandro Bogliolo (Information Science and Technology School) at the niversity of Urbino on Wednesday April 10, 2013.

QArtCodes in Urbino


NeuNet has promoted the pioneering adoption of QArtCodes in Urbino. QArtCodes are special types of QRcodes which allow the simultaneous representation of encoded contents and pixel art, while maintaining full compatibility with the standard. The QArtCodes installed in Urbino contain location-specific links to the comprehensive smartcity services offered by the platform.

What if it worked?


NeuNet take part in the initiative launched by the young members of Confindustria Pesaro e Urbino to promote innovation. The initiative will be presented today at 3pm at the University of Urbino.

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